Sunday, November 1, 2015

China to rethink their Population control policy !. Finally they realized.

Today the international media reported that China made a change to their Population control policy. This report supports islamic point of view on ECONOMIC crisis ... In our view the main reason for Economic crisis is 'Anti socio-economic character towards utilizing resources'. Which is a result of not following  Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala's  guidance.

 Socialism and Capitalism claim that the main reason for economic crisis is 'lack of resources'. That fraudulent claim lead them to population control. And they are paying it's price now.

Population control will only increase the financial crisis. Rethinking of Chinese authority in their population policy is a big indication to that. Well their policy caused progressive growth of the elderly retired people and depopulation of the youth. Which lead to lack of workers (backbone of Chinese economy).  Gradually it ended up in unbalanced Labour expense in comparison to the past. The prices got increased due to increment in production cost. However it is very clear that population control will not help to grow the economy. Well we discussed it in  all ISLAMIC ECONOMIC programs conducted by InTheShade in detail.

Previously the same crisis killed the Detroit city in U.S. According to '' - America's daily economic report : "Detroit was the fourth largest city in the U.S. in the 1960s with a population of two million. Now it has become an example of everything that is wrong with the American economy, Detroit has become nothing more than a devastated landscape of urban decay with a current population of 714,000 whose unemployment rate at the height of the recession was as high as 29 percent, and has only decreased due to the rapidly decreasing population." [Detroit Is an Example of Everything That Is Wrong with our nation. - August 23 / 2015 . James Moreland ]. 

 In our view Human Being is the biggest resource. Day by day people are realising that 'deviation from the Devine Guidance - ISLAM' is the major reason for both economic and social crisis ...